Smart Villages support in Estonia

How is the concept of Smart Villages defined?

No formal definition of ‘Smart Villages’ in Estonia

Is digital a key feature of Smart Villages?

Digital is not perceived as the main aspect of Smart Villages

Is social innovation a key feature of Smart Villages?

No specific information available on this aspect

How is the CAP supporting Smart Villages?

Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs


Taavi Kurvits, Chief Specialist


CAP 2014-2022

No specific Smart Villages interventions identified.

CAP 2023-2027

Indirectly, no specific Smart Villages intervention

  • LEADER/ CLLD is expected to support Smart Village initiatives.

Estonian National Rural Network


Meeri Maastik, Specialist


CAP Network support

Specific networking activities, such as training/workshops, seminars, and dissemination activities are organised on the topic of Smart Villages.

  • Organising exchange of practice with other Member States (e.g. Poland, Latvia, Finland).
  • Exchange within the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) and the Smart Rural 21 project.
  • Collaborating with and supporting the Estonian National Smart Villages programme implemented by Local Action Groups (LAGs).

How are other policies supporting Smart Villages?

No other policies supporting Smart Villages have been identified at this stage.

Please find further information about Smart Villages support in Estonia on the Smart Rural 21 project’s Estonia country page.

Smart Rural 27 – Smart Villages Taskforce

Information will follow soon.

Smart Villages in Estonia

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Last update: June 17, 2022