European Smart Villages Observatory

is a platform where relevant stakeholders at local, regional, national and European levels are mobilised around the theme of Smart Villages to improve support and policy.

The European Pilot Smart Villages Observatory has three main components:

  • The Knowledge Clusters of (Smart) Rural Communities aim to support exchange of practices and capacity-building among rural communities interested and acting in the same Smart Villages thematic areas, such as renewable energy communities, digital services, rural businesses, mobility & transport, etc.
  • The national/ regional Smart Villages Taskforces aim to improve policy implementation – especially that of the CAP Strategic Plan interventions but also other relevant Smart Village policies, programmes and measures – through generating practical exchanges among diverse stakeholders (communities, LAGs, MAs, networks, associations, etc.) within a given national/ regional context. Therefore, taskforces are country-specific and are implemented in the national language.
  • The European (Smart Villages) Stakeholder Platforms aim to generate exchange on Smart Villages implementation among stakeholders with the same / similar responsibilities across Member States in order to learn from each other, improve the Smart Villages support framework and draw lessons at the European level. Consequently, Stakeholder Platforms are international and focus on specific sets of stakeholders, i.e. platform of LAGs/ LEADER actors; platform of CAP MAs, etc.

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