The Virtsu borough is situated on Virtsu peninsula on the western coast of Estonia. With a population of 500, it is small, yet important place – its harbour connects mainland Estonia with its biggest island, Saaremaa.
Trade routes and coastal activities have been here since ancient times. The village has a rich history, which we try to preserve and present to locals and tourists: ruins of 15th century fortress and coastal defence battery, Virtsu manor house remains, and a lighthouse. Another side of Virtsu is its proximity to truly unique nature – Puhtu-Laelatu reserve park, well-known to bird watchers all around the world, is just on the outskirts of the village. During the last two decades, Virtsu, as many rural areas around Europe, has been facing challenges such as depopulation, limited entrepreneurship and somehow fragmented community.




coasts, inner peripheries, remote, sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 506

Village Solutions

Virtsu Entrepreneurial/ Business Park

The main idea of the project is to develop a business park in Virtsu, where our region's biggest employer, K.MET, could have modern, bigger industrial capacities, which means more jobs. Along with K.MET, the business park would be a home for small and micro-businesses.


Preservation and exposition of Virtsu cultural heritage

The main goal of this initiative is to revive the cultural and historical heritage of Virtsu in a complex matter. For doing this, several activities are tied to serve one bigger purpose - preserve, expose, and develop local traditions, history, and culture in entrepreneural manner


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