Knowledge Clusters of Smart Rural Communities…

…aimed to bring together local communities with the same thematic interest to exchange about relevant smart approaches and practices and allow knowledge exchange and mutual learning among them (including online and face-to-face meetings). Knowledge Clusters allow draw lessons on how to better support rural communities in becoming Smart Villages.

Rural communities were initially engaged at three levels depending on their interest, experience and availability:

  • Lighthouse communities are rural communities that have relevant inspiring experience in the cluster theme to share with other communities. Lighthouse examples are ready to share their knowledge with other communities, as well as learning from other cluster members (especially other lighthouse examples).
  • Learning communities are rural communities that have made some initial steps for planning or acting in the theme of the cluster, but would like to learn and benefit from the experience of more advanced (lighthouse) communities to proceed with smart actions in these areas. Learning communities are ready to learn, take active part in the planned activities and share their experience with others.
  • Follower communities are rural communities that would like to closely follow the process (being included in the cluster’s information mailing list), learn about the experience of lighthouse and learning communities and take part in exchanges with others as and when possible.

If you are a rural community representative and would be interested in getting engaged in one of the clusters, please get in touch with us (NB: Project closes on 20/05/2024.)