Smart Villages & the Green Deal 

Research on SV & the Green Deal

The Smart Rural 27 project aims to Monitor and Assess Smart Villages Contribution to the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies, as well as the EU Green Deal in general: “The European Green Deal is the EU strategy for sustainable growth. This will happen by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities across all policy areas and making the transition just and inclusive for all. The CAP like the other EU policies will help this sustainability transition and strengthen the efforts of European farmers and rural communities to tackle climate change and protect the environment. Smart Villages could be one of the tools delivering such results and thus contributing to achieve the Green Deal ambitions.

The analytical work on Smart Villages & the European Green Deal (carried out by ECOLISE & E40) aims to:

  • help understand how rural communities do consider their role in achieving the EU Green Deal objectives
  • examine whether the EU Green Deal has encouraged villages to act
  • suggest areas where the contribution of Smart Villages to the EU Green Deal goals could be the most significant
  • pave the way for possible future Smart Villages initiatives.”

The report informs policymakers and other stakeholders on opportunities to create better synergies between the EGD objectives and the Smart Villages instrument, as well as provides inspiration on Smart Village approaches that can contribute to the EDG goals.

Report is coming soon.

Stakeholder Online Event (30 June 2023)

• Purpose of Event

The online session ‘Linkages between the EU’s Green Deal and Smart Villages’ was held online on 30 June 2023 and was intended for all stakeholders interested in learning more about the Green Deal and Smart Villages from a practical point of view.  The key question addressed was: How can European Green Deal (EGD), Farm to Fork & Biodiversity strategies support the emergence of Smart Villages and how Smart Villages can contribute to the goals of the EGD?

During the event, initial findings were presented of the Smart Rural 27 research project on ‘Smart Villages contribution to the European Green Deal, Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies’. The aim was to gather initial feedback and responses from interested stakeholders and offer the opportunity for learning and discussion with guest speakers from Smart Villages and thematic breakout sessions.

• Agenda & Presentation of Event

TimingAgenda item
10:00 - 10:30
Introduction: Smart Rural 27 & the Green Deal Research
10:30 - 11:00Presentations on Smart Villages' contribution to the Green Deal
11:00 - 11:40Discussion groups

  • Smart Villages & Biodiversity

  • Smart Villages & Farm-to-Fork

  • Smart Villages & Climate Action

11:40 - 12:00Wrapping up & next steps in the preparation of the study

• Outcomes of the Event

Meeting report