Villages of Luunja municipalities

Luunja municipality is located on the northern bank of the Emajõgi River, the municipality extending from the city of Tartu to the Emajõgi Suursoo is very diverse, covering both modern residential areas and areas of untouched nature. The area has a fascinating history and beautiful nature, long-standing farming traditions and a diverse economy. The Emajõgi meandering in the picturesque primeval valley and the Emajõgi Suursoo with its unique biota attract people to discover and enjoy. The grandeur of the manor-era parks and alleys testifies to the dignity of the manors of that time. The only river raft in the Baltics operates in the village of Kavastu.
The inhabitants of Luunja villages are active, youthful and cultural. Villages have enterprising people with a strong sense of community who want to create a better and more innovative living environment. In addition, there are successful and helpful companies.

The greatest values ​​are youthful population, historical sights, diverse nature and many small businesses - unfortunately there is no systematic overview of these and therefore there is a need to create a virtual map of all important information in the village area that can be updated in real time for all residents and tourists, creating completely new opportunities for the entire community. The virtual map / app / database provides an opportunity for the sustainable operation and development of creative entrepreneurs and food producers, and ensures a greater sense of community, which in turn helps to create more cooperation and bring more people to the area. An interactive map and a common strategy would help to connect villages, be a universal service, revitalize entrepreneurship and the availability of tourism and community services in different areas, and create a whole new way of communicating information and interacting with different stakeholders.

The biggest development needs are the availability of information and finding the necessary information, the lack of a business incubator, the lack of shops in the villages, the lack of transport organization, the lack of possibilities for hobbies.




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Degree of urbanization


population of 5182

Village Solutions

Youth work service

Lohkva Village Association has agreement for open youth work with local government, local schools and kindergartens. Association offers open youth work services integrated with community services organising practical workshops for youngsters. For that purposes Association renovated community center to provide different types of workshops (e.g. robotics, entrepreneurship, traditional crafts, etc) and enable community learning processes.

Virtual Community App

The smart solution implementation is ongoing and expected to be finalised by the beginning of 2023. The aim of the Virtual Community App is to enable smooth communication between communities, different stakeholders and public sector authorities in the villages of Luunja municipality. As a first step the database will be created with information about tourism objects, entrepreneurs, service providers, local products and services, ride sharing, different community needs etc. According to the database the most appropriate solution will be designed and programmed for the Virtual Community App. All villages are included in a joint information space.

Contact Information

NGO Lohkva Village Association,

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