Smart Villages support in Portugal

How is the concept of Smart Villages defined?

No formal definition of Smart Villages in Portugal.

Is digital a key feature of Smart Villages?

Digital is a key feature of Smart Villages.

Digital is often seen as key aspect of Smart Villages, e.g. projects with a focus on digital entrepreneurship, the creation of co-working spaces and on the development of incubators and technology clusters. Improvement of digital skills is important, also in relation to social innovation.

Is social innovation a key feature of Smart Villages?

Social innovation is understood as a key feature in the Smart Villages definition.

It is based on the principles of the participatory approach, with particular focus on new innovative ways of engaging local people. Participatory processes must be understood as a tool for the development and implementation of Smart Villages strategies.

How is the CAP supporting Smart Villages?

Ministry of Agriculture – State Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development

CAP 2014-2020

No specific Rural Development Programme interventions identified.

CAP 2021-2027

No specific Smart Villages interventions identified at the moment.

Direção Geral de Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural (Directorate-General for Agricultureand Rural Development)

CAP Network support

No specific network activities on Smart Villages have been identified.

The Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development – entity that administers the Portuguese Network – has defined as one of its objectives for 2021 to “Disseminate the Smart Village approach in the territories”, foreseeing to (1) create a working group & (2) identify villages interested in implementing Smart Villages.

How are other policies supporting Smart Villages?

Only to some extent/ indirectly

Smart Rural 27 – Smart Villages Taskforce

Smart Villages in Portugal

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