Vila Boa do Bispo

Vila Boa do Bispo is a parish council from the North of Portugal, situated in the municipality of Marco de Canaveses, next to the Tamega River. The town hall serves a community of approx. 3000 people, providing diversified services in the areas of public infrastructures maintenance and improvement, Formal-Education for children and Non-Formal Learning activities for youth and disadvantaged adults, as well as post office, information and legal support services for all the population. The town hall also develops projects in several areas of interest, such as culture, heritage preservation, youth and sports, nature, and the environment.
The town hall has been implementing international cooperation projects in the fields of youth participation, community engagement, sustainable development, and cultural preservation. All this has allowed Vila Boa do Bispo to expand the impact of its initiatives, bringing in and sharing good practices for the development of innovative, inclusive, and sustainable policies.
On the field of education: 1- Management of several components of the local primary and pre-schools; 2- Organization of summer camps for children and youth every year; 3- Implementation of sustainability education policies (Green-Schools program, from the Blue Flag Association, and Usual Suspects Exhibition, raising awareness on littering); 4- Collaboration and organization of workshops and training courses (small and long duration) for youth and adults, mainly on the fields of sustainable development, culture and identity preservation, gender equality and community building (The Town Hall has been involved in several international projects funded by the Erasmus + and the Europe for Citizens
program, developing significant partnerships and networks in the above-mentioned fields).





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#VBBZERO is Vila Boa do Bispo's strategy to become a carbon-neutral community. This has come into effect through two strands: #VBB_Florestas (forests) and #VBB_Água (water). These were two volunteering projects that gathered over 60 young volunteers for the identification of the community's natural heritage and assets. This has meant that the Town Hall has mobilized effort to make a prediction of the local CO2 emissions and ways to tackle them. This is why, for this matter, tree planting initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns against littering and for the promotion were carried out. This strategy showed how causes may bring youth together.

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