The Municipality of Penela has a population of about 5,983 inhabitants. It is located in the district of Coimbra, in the Region Centro of Portugal.
Cumeeira is a village and also the seat of the Parish in the municipality of Penela, with an area of 19.53 km² and 1,072 inhabitants (2011). The village itself has 106 inhabitants, of which only 9% are aged under 20 years.
The village community lives maintaining relations with the agricultural and natural surroundings, although most of the employment is on the third sector. Regarding services, it provides cultural and recreational activities through the Cultural association, and provides an easy access to health, education, culture and leisure due to the proximity to the town of Penela and the city of Coimbra (at a distance of 12 and 36 Km, respectively).




mountains, remote

Degree of urbanization


population of 1072

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