Viroinval is a municipality assembling 9 villages ( Dourbes, Le Mesnil, Mazée, Nismes, Oignies-en-Thiérache , Olloy-sur-Viroin , Treignes , Vierves-sur-Viroin and Viroinval) in the south of Namur Province in Belgium. The whole 9 villages has around 5,700 inhabitants on 120,89 km2 out of which 22,5 % of farming land and 65,68 % of forests. Viroinval is the municipality in Belgium with the highest density of its territory in Natura 2000 and in natural areas with protected status. This asset is valued within a sustainable tourism development strategy. Viroinval has also received the European EDEN prize in this category.It is also a forest town with the PEFC label which is studying a sustainable strategy for a wood energy sector. The municipality already has a wood boiler for social apartments and for its nursing home.


Belgium Wallonia


sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 5724

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Village Solutions

“Smart village” strategy

1° Highlight the environmental qualities of the municipality to encourage teleworkers to settle in our territory.
2° Use digital technologies as a performance indicator for tourism policy and as tools for analyzing the needs of our visitors.
3° Bring added value to the tourism policy based essentially on the natural quality of our territory by using augmented reality digital technologies.
4° Promote ecosystem of short circuits and the development of a residential economy to give the territory levers of attractiveness around the return to the local, the quality of life, the natural, as well as the support for sustainable tourism.


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Commune de Viroival,

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