Varme parish is located in the eastern part of Kuldiga district, between Saldus and Kuldiga (23 km from Saldus and 22 km from Kuldiga). The territory of the parish covers almost 150 sq. km, mostly (51%) forest ad agricultural land.

In Varme, we believe in a unified vision of development and the involvement of the local community in its implementation. Our greatest asset is the willingness of local people to improve quality of life, promote tourism and support business in Varme. We are diverse in our skills and competencies, and united in ours in excitement. Our local activist groups and municipality have been implementing various projects and activities for many years to improve local infrastructure, organize the publicly accessible areas and enrich the cultural life of the parish. We see the basis of successful, innovative and sustainable development close cooperation between the parish administration, the local community and entrepreneurs, that is why we have joined the Vārme development working group, with the aim continue to improve local infrastructure, organize publicly accessible areas, enrich the educational, sports and cultural life of the parish, develop tourism and the recognition of Vārme, as well as to promote the involvement of various groups of society, especially young people. We have developed a unified strategy for the development of Vārme, with a common vision, goals and priorities, which allows different population groups, individuals and entrepreneurs to get involved in targeted and unified development of Varme.




inner peripheries

Degree of urbanization


population of 893

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Village Solutions

An innovative and interactive planning tool of village

We have developed the e-platform where all citizens of Varme can easily browse the development goals of Varme and get acquainted with the prioritised activies, as well as apply for participation, share ideas, vote, make donations for specific activities etc. Active Citizens initiative group use the platform to plan, monitor and coordinate activities – to make Varme their own place.

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