Tomaszyn is a small village located in Warmia and Mazury. It consists of ten households and a cooperative. The region is classified as the Green Lungs of Poland and has the lowest population density in the country. There are eight landscape parks in the voivodeship, which shelter natural phenomena on a European scale. It is said to be the Land of a Thousand Lakes. While creating Ostoja Natury, we were inspired by nature’s already existing solutions. Just as in a prehistoric forest – the circuit is everything, waste is non-existent. Our goal is to create an ecosystem designed to provide economic efficiency with minimal influence on the environment. Methods tested over the ages, such as crop rotation, raised seedbeds, home recipes, and many more, are refreshed and implemented, using technological innovations of modern times..

Lighthouse in agriculture and food

Ostoja Natury in Tomaszyn strives to achieve the highest degree of circular economy, especially in the areas of regenerative agriculture, production including mechanisation and digitalisation, economy maximising the profitability of organic production, housing through waste free, self-sufficient habitat and power industry (biogas plants and other systems with the highest energy efficiency and lowest possible environmental burden). Regenerative agriculture aims at topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting bio-preservation, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil. To further reverse the trend of Tomaszyn community degradation they are planning to establish earthship village, that can provide an opportunity to create sustainable, affordable, and resilient community that prioritize environmental stewardship and community building.


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remote, sparsely populated areas

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Town or suburb

population of 18

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Village Solutions

Bio Hub Bazar

The Full of Health Eco Market in Olsztynek started on June 14, 2020 and takes place every Sunday at The Town Market in Olsztynek, at ul. Kościuszki 6d, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Organizer Bio Hub Bazaru is the Agricultural Production Cooperative (RSP) Ostoja Natury, with cooperation with the Mayor of Olsztynek and group of producers and farmers.
The primary goal of Bio Hub Bazar is to support and popularize the short food supply chain, including the processing and marketing of agricultural products. We achieve this goal by building a permanent place to sell high-quality products.

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Bio Hub

Bio Hub is a high quality food center. This modern platform combines: logistics facilities, a network of partners – high-quality food producers, infrastructure necessary for year-round production of organic food, “Bio Hub Bazar”, as a platform for local direct sales, along with its ON-LINE version, where you can shop via the Internet, as well as “Vegemat” – a maintenance-free and contactless sales system.Bio Hub is an ecosystem designed for comprehensive production support and high quality products. Our goal is to create a solution covering: cultivation, production, preparation product for sale, packaging and a local and nationwide distribution platform.

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Establishing of Ostoja Natury organic farm, return of agricultural production

The main aspects of the functioning of an organic farm, including:
• production methods adapted to soil and climatic conditions
• a set of technological solutions
• development of an optimal machine park and infrastructural solution
• building a modern distribution platform enabling interaction with customers and sales direct

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