Tílos is a small Greek island and municipality in the Aegean Sea. It is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and lies halfway between Kos and Rhodes.
It has an irregular shape and an area of 61,487 Km2, an intense relief and lacy beaches, while its population is 780. It is surrounded by 16 small islands and the small island of Antitilos is about 2 miles away. The main settlements of the island are Megalo Chorio, the largest village, Livadia, the port of the island and Eristos, a fertile valley.

The climate on the island is Mediterranean, with mild winters and cool summers. The island has long been known for its rare medicinal plants and herbs, and its inhabitants are involved in fishing, agriculture, beekeeping and tourism.

The island is the first energy-efficient island in Greece. An innovative hybrid system is being developed and operated on the island, using solar and wind energy. Via a battery, a storage system will cover the electricity needs of the inhabitants of the village of Livadia (~500 inhabitants).





Degree of urbanization


population of 780

Village Solutions

Just Go Zero Tilos

This Greek island is going zero waste by embracing the circular economy. There are no public rubbish bins. Its 780 islanders receive a special bag with a personalised QR code. They sort their waste at home. Where it is collected, weighed and logged. And taken to the Centre for Circular Innovation, which used to be the islands' landfill, where recyclables are sorted and baled. Food waste is turned into fertiliser. And non-recyclable waste is sent for energy conversion. Old clothes, appliances and furniture are sent to the Centre for Creative Upcycling to be repaired or reused, or to be used as material for art. Visitors are not exempt from this either: There are instructions on how to separate waste in every hotel room.
There is even an app to track your contribution
Just Go Zero Tilos started in December 2021 and has achieved a recycling rate of 86%

Contact Information

Polygreen and the Municipality of Tilos, hello@justgozero.com

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