Raudanmaa is a rural area with some 600 inhabitants, which consists of several small hamlets and houses surrounded by beautiful lakeside nature, woods, and fields. People live very close to nature which is a great asset that our village can offer both to new residents and visitors. Our main aspiration is to be a service-oriented, innovative village where daily life runs smoothly. We want to bring new, innovative enablers in order to boost the village economy and living conditions.
We are proud of our local community which is very active and supportive of new initiatives. We have several associations organising activities and enabling dynamic communal lifestyle enjoyed by the villagers. We organise regular gatherings on matters that concern everyone and share news and issues of interest on social media.




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization

Town or suburb

population of 600

Village Solutions

Smart Village Hall planning project

One key project that we are now working on is a smart village hall - a multi-service centre for various operators and user groups that would serve as the main hub for activities and services to the residents and visitors in the area. The planning work has started with idea gathering from all villagers and continues 2019-5/2020 with more detailed planning to create a concrete ground plan, action plan and budget and funding plan for the project


Kautiala water co-operative

Water co-operative was founded by the villagers to meet the water legislation requirements around lakeside areas and to get fresh water to area where there typically is a lot of metals in the bored well water. The water and sewage pipelines were built during 2011-2012 and the co-operative has now 143 active members.


Raudanmaa optical fibre network project

The optical fibre network was built by a common village co-operative during 2017-2018 with now almost 100 joint owners. The project was funded by local LAG and the owners

Mobility & connectivity

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