Oliete is located in Aragon (Spain), province of Teruel (in the region of Andorra-Sierra de Arcos). It stands out for a rich Iberian culture and eccentricities shaped by nature. Touristic, cultural and natural highlights include the Iberian Museum, the route that leads to the Iberian ruins, Sima de San Pedro that stands out for both its forceful depression and diameter of 100 meters ending in an impressive lake, giving home to hundreds of species of birds, as well as the reservoir of the Cueva Foradada (on the river Martín). Oliete's olive grove of the Empeltre variety is abundant. However, currently 70% of the olive grove is abandoned. Oliete is part of the Denomination of Origin Aceite del Bajo Aragón. Since 2014, the apadrinaunolivo.org initiative has recovered 100,000 abandoned centenary olive trees through an environmental, social and sustainable rural development manner.

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In the village of Oliete a community of people, organizations and initiatives was formed with the aim of promoting the economic and social development of rural areas, through the generation of opportunities that value the endogenous resources of the territory and contribute to its regeneration. This process is enhanced via various initiatives: by incubating and accelerating rural entrepreneurship projects and supporting entrepreneurs to give solidity and structure to their projects, by providing coworking space and state-of-the-art technology to be able to telework comfortably from a rural environment and creating an office for the development of the Smart Village.





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population of 350

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Create initiatives to boost entrepreneurship in rural areas with the opportunities provided by ICT and digital tools and capabilities. Fiber and ICT needs to be accompanied by capacity-building, generating not only human capacity but also added value for the rural environment. That is why we call them "Despertadores".

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ICT and digital tools providing rural and social development to generate employment in the village putting in value the natural resources and opportunities. We have more than 100.000 olive trees abandoned and trough the initiative we are putting these in value in the high social impact programme.

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Apadrinaunolivo.org, alberto@apadrinaunolivo.org

President Pordomingo Alberto Alfonso, alberto@apadrinaunolivo.org