Moncontour is a small village in Brittany. As the village suffers from ageing population and the lack of economic development, the municipality decided to offer new opportunities to the village through digitalization. In order to meet the needs and attract new inhabitants, the municipality supported the creation of the third-place "Chez Yvonne", in partnership with local stakeholders. Created in 2020, this third-place offers digital services, places to meet or to organize events. It is meant to enhance social life and to create a communal place to meet.




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population of 865

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Third-place “Chez Yvonne” (“At Yvonne’s”)

"Chez Yvonne" is a third-place, created in 2020 in Moncontour. The place offers various services. First a co-working space, to welcome new teleworkers of the municipality. The place offers both services for the companies and for the inhabitants. Regarding companies, the place offers meeting rooms or offices to rent. It also offers a support service for companies, to help them in the digital transition. "Chez Yvonne's" provides free digital services for the inhabitants, to strengthen digital inclusion, especially for elderly people.

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