The community is located close to the capital of Latvia (Riga), but it is a rural area with large forests. The values of the community are: a quiet, relatively natural environment, active and responsible people, nurturing Latvian traditions and creating their own community traditions. The community has not yet invested much in innovations, but it is proud of its people's ability to share their experiences, celebrating common holidays and traditions, created their own forest story trail, flower beds, book cabins and more.




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 450

Village Solutions

An interactive story trail

An interactive story trail in the woods with digital solutions – recorded fragments of old people's stories about life in the neighbourhood after the war, in Soviet times etc.

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Book exchange cabinets

The community has set up two book exchange cabinets in the neighbourhood. There residents can place the books they have read and borrow another book they are interested in. It also saves resources by environment-friendly solutions and creates societal cooperation. Only local people are involved in the events they initiated, created, funded and organised themselves.

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Society “Development of Mezinieki area”,

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