Diksmuide is a municipality in the province of West-Flanders, close to the border with France. The municipality comprises Diksmuide itself and the 14 communes of Beerst, Esen, Kaaskerke, Keiem, Lampernisse, Leke, Nieuwkapelle, Oostkerke, Oudekapelle, Pervijze, Sint-Jacobs-Kapelle, Stuivekenskerke, Vladslo and Woumen. Diksmuide acts as service centre for these communities. Most of the area west of Diksmuide is a polder riddled with drainage trenches. The major economic activity of the region is dairy farming, producing the famous butter of Diksmuide. Since Diksmuide lies in the ‘Westhoek’ it is sadly most known for the First World War and remainder of large cemeteries in the region.
This part of Flanders is steeped in history and, the origins and culture of Diksmuide go back to the 9th century.

The ticket desk of the train station in Diksmuide is closed since 2021. This means another empty building on a highly dynamic spot for villagers commuting to work and tourists visiting the region. A local organisation has made up a plan to repurpose the train station as of 2023. This is a smart solution combining multiple purposes like skills training, local food, digital support and bike service.


Belgium Flanders



Degree of urbanization


population of 8210

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Village Solutions

Repurposing of the train station in Diksmuide into a multifunctional hub

There are no manned services anymore in the empty train station since 2021. The smart solution is to repurpose this building and introduce multiple functions for commuters.
1. Development of a selling point for local agricultural products (also through 24/24 hour vending machines).
During office hours: preparing and selling local healthy take away food and drinks to train passengers. Reinstallment of helpdesk for train passengers who are not able to buy train tickets from the machines (digital divide).
These services will be provided by people who experience restraints finding a job on the labour market.

2. Installment of a bike library, bike ride school and safe vault for bikes in collaboration with the municipality.
The train station is used by the local communities for commuting to and from work and the last miles are generally done by biking. Since more and more people ride electric bikes, the need for safe installment is high

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Deliverance of products with a Woppaaaa vibe

The smartness involves to tie qualities that are not embraced on the regular high paced labour market to meaningfull activities for the local community through commercial product development. First product launched is the Woppaaaa fortune chocolates.

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