Abbeyleix is a market town situated on the old main road between Dublin and Cork. Indeed it’s central, convenient location makes it an ideal focal point to explore the midlands of Ireland. In recent years the town has been bypassed with the building of the M8 between Dublin and Cork. Abbeyleix is a town rich in culture and heritage. It has some beautiful architectural buildings with many of them with a special story to tell. One of the first buildings a visitor to Abbeyleix will see is the beautifully restored Heritage House. It dominates the northern aspect of the town and is open all year around and well worth a visit. It was built in 1884 and formerly called The North School. It was taken over by the by the Patrician brothers in 1933 for the education of the Catholic boys of the area. Abbeyleix Tidy Towns is charged with creating a community that continues to be an attractive place to live, to work and to visit. Their focus is now on placemaking and on reimagining their beautiful heritage town as a smart and sustainable community that is fit for the 21st Century.




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Village Solutions

Smart Sensor Project

Some of the schools in the community are involved in an innovative weather/ air quality monitoring programme, which looks at particulate matter and links it to the level of traffic on the roads. This could be extended to also include the particulates generated from domestic fires and stoves. The level of particulate matter in the local environment is directly related to the following:
• Number of open fires and stoves in use
• Frequency of use of open fires and stoves
• Number of car journeys
• Length of car journeys
A reduction in any or all of these activities will have a significantly positive impact locally by:
• Reducing the incidence of seasonal bronchial health issues
• Reducing traffic and travel times

Abbeyleix Tidy Towns is developing Abbeyleix as a smart village with deployment of smart sensors based on Internet Of Things (IoT) technology. To help with this they are teaming up with UCD (WeCOunt Project), Makeport Makerspace in Portarlington and TOG Makerspace in Dublin.

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