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Vilūnai is a village in Kaišiadorys district municipality, 5 km south of Kruonis, near the road 129 Antakalnis-Jieznas-Alytus-Merkinė. It is the centre of the municipality. Vilūnai village community was founded in December 2003. The territory represented by the community comprises three settlements and twelve smaller villages, with a total population of 640 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, with only a small number working in the larger towns. The community is very active: it organises environmental clean-ups, and in 2023, for the first time, it organised a horse race to win the local citizens' trophy. It has also published a commemorative newspaper "Vilunčiai", which has been distributed in Lithuania and abroad. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the community, the most deserving people of the community were honoured and a 40-page Vilunčiai calendar was published. A documentary film "Vilūnai close up" was produced to commemorate the 210th anniversary of Vilūnai village. Before Christmas, members of the community visit lonely and elderly people. The community has youth and adult bands, a youth basketball team and a church choir.




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 230

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Heating of the premises is controlled by solar power plants, along with electricity. Outdoor lighting utilizes solar elements, and hot water is generated through solar power. These measures significantly reduce maintenance costs for the premises, which include a beauty salon, a tanner's studio, a library, a car service, a cultural center, and community spaces. Additionally, shower and laundry facilities are available

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