An engaged village where nature and family are the top priorities and where smart and innovative solutions are tools to create a vibrant and sustainable village close to a larger city. The village is using the close connection to the academy and research in Lund municipality to create a research village for smart and sustainable solutions for society. The main interest for the villagers is sustainability and resilience. This is the focus of the plans for expanding the village from 5000 to about 8000 inhabitants until 2040.




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Degree of urbanization

Town or suburb

population of 5000

Village Solutions

Research Village

Veberöd has a digital twin and a 5 square kilometer big 3D-model of the village. In this model we setup different sensors to measure what a smart and sustainable society really is. We open up the research platform for universities, companies etc to have a research village on a complete society. Soon we will also have buses driving around in the 3D-model when they drive in real life. Through this and collaboration with research groups we get more objective data. The vision is to for instance use AI to comapare water consumption with "happiness" of people.


Contact Information

Byutveckling AB,

CEO Malmgren Jan,