Sollstedt is located in a rural area in the north of Thuringia, formerly part of the German Democratic Republic. Since the German reunification, Sollstedt has been heavily impacted by economic and demographic change. This has included the collapse of salt (‘Kali’) mining, job losses, outmigration, and population ageing. In addition, important institutions of social life had to be closed and building vacancies and investment backlog have arisen. All these disadvantages have impaired the development of Sollstedt.
Keeping Sollstedt independent is the main vision for the village and the strategy should be to become smart and digital by 2030.
Transforming Sollstedt into a smart village could prove an enabling factor to provide the right work-life balance that this age group is looking for.




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 2889

Village Solutions

Community Sollstedt” smart city, Electromobility

Smart city solutions (smart city, smart waste, smart water, smart street lightening)

Environment | Mobility & connectivity

Community Sollstedt” public WIFI, e-government

Some villages and cities are already offering free Wi-Fi everywhere. The advantage is increasing its quality as a place to spend a lot of time and of course the opportunity of unlimited use of all kinds of modern media. The reasons for an e-government are mainly to get transparent communication and interaction between citizens and the government. For example, citizens would be able to look up the latest administrative procedures. Furthermore, it would be possible to apply online for a nursery school place or to register online a change of address. In this way people can save time and travels.

Governance | Mobility & connectivity

Use and applications of a digital Sollstedt

The three identified target groups are the community of Sollstedt, the landlords & owner and the tenants & residents. Every target group is assigned to different interesting use and fields of application of a smart village. The specific assignment of the examples is not really possible. Consequently, the fields of application can be relevant for more than one target group. To become a smart village, it is important to have free WIFI access and a fast internet connection. To assure that, the village will need for an instance fiber optic cable. That’s why in the center of the target groups is “public WIFI and a fast internet connection.” It is placed in the center because it is fundamental for every single implementation of the fields of application. The creation of the technical requirements is one of the main actions.

Mobility & connectivity

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