Smart village Hoher Flaeming

The smart village Hoher Fläming is not a single village but rather the region around the small town Bad Belzig with 14 localities around it and the municipality Wiesenburg/Mark, consisting of 15 localities. It encompasses 30 localities spread throughout roughly 450km2.

The region is approximately 80km southwest of Berlin, which is a 1h train ride away. Therefore, young creative minds from the capital are coming here for recreation or a change of scenery, but also to settle here. A network of people with smart ideas has developed in the last years, making the region even more attractive. The main goal is to establish smart solutions for a sustainable future (economically, ecologically, concerning social issues). The aim is to implement good urban ideas in a rural area without urbanizing the countryside and to include newcomers and long-established habitants in this process.




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Village Solutions

Flaeminger Kreativsause

We establish networks between creative minds in the countryside and offer space for an innovative temporary community. The Kreativsause is a space for both dreaming and doing. The perfect space to let your visions become reality and to get new impulses from other creative minds. There are various innovative workshops at our creative camp that tie in with the topic of digitization. This is how smart synergies and new digital formats are created. We believe in the future of rural areas and want to support their sustainability. That's why we attract creative minds from the city to the countryside and bring them together with regional players.

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Climate Workshop Hoher Flaeming

With the climate workshop (Klimawerkstatt Hoher Fläming), the challenges in environmental, climate and nature protection in the region are tackled - together. In regular workshop meetings and workshops, citizens fill the idea of a smart, sustainable life in Fläming with life and are activated for climate protection.

Regular, low-threshold workshop meetings; creating a climate protection agenda with citizen participation; online platform to show e.g. CO2 emissions or water quality in the region; learning technical and digital skills in internet of things workshops

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Smart Village App

With an app, municipal administrative services, local news, information from the city hall and other useful services are to be offered to citizens in a trustworthy, up-to-date and bundled manner. The app is first introduced in Bad Belzig and intended to be the prototype for a collaborative, inter-municipal open source model. In the meantime, several municipalities all over Germany use the app customized for their needs in their region.

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Contact Information

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