Slavičín is a smaller town located on the southeastern border with Slovakia. Apart from the central part of Slavičín, the city has three other local parts. The area of the city is approximately 30 km2, half of which is occupied by agricultural land, mainly permanent grasslands, and forests cover 38% of the area of the city. The town is located in the foothills of the White Carpathian Protected Landscape Area and is not far from the famous spas in the town of Luhačovice. It is a modern municipality with dynamic development changing the city.




borders, remote

Degree of urbanization

Town or suburb

population of 6227

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The subject of the subsidy was the implementation of energy-saving measures in the Slavičín Municipal Hospital (sustainable use of energy sources). A solar system was installed on the roof of the city hospital, which will be used for water heating. The project has a positive effect on reducing the need for heat from natural gas and will thus ensure a stable heat source for heating water for long-term sick and immobile patients in the summer.
The goal of the project is to reduce the need for natural gas for hot water heating and also reduce CO emissions.


The essence of the project is the reconstruction of the three-storey building Horák's Villa, which is located in the center of Slavičín. The implementation of the project will create a multifunctional cultural center. The first and third above-ground floors will provide facilities for local associations and organizations. This background will take the form of multifunctional halls, which will be used for regular meetings of associations and for organizing cultural and educational events. On the second above-ground floor, spaces will be set aside for the city library, which will meet the requirements for the library of the catchment city. The premises of the multifunctional cultural center will be supplemented with the necessary technical facilities for workers and cleaning, which will be necessary for the operation of this center. The entire building will be accessible to the disabled.

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