Skaistkalne-Kurmene Smart Village

Skaistkalne and Kurmene are territorially, socially and economically connected villages. The total area is 2181 km2, population – 1654 inhabitants. The factors that unite the area are: marginal border area, Mēmele river, services and infrastructure (school, post office, pharmacy) ecologically helthy environment, agriculture, forestry and tourism. The area is also united by rural roads in poor condition. Many local farmers and foresters work very hardly on their farms, but do not gain economic stability, young people and people of working age are going abroad to make a profit. The most important resource of the area are people. Their challenge is to find, smart solutions for the resilience of the local community.




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Degree of urbanization

population of 1654

Village Solutions

Construction of outdoor exercise equipment in the Skaistkalne village park

Outdoor exercise machines were built in the Skaistkalne village park to diversify the outdoor activities of young people.

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Informative stands about local small producers for boaters (on the banks of the Memele river)

Prepared information and narrated informative stands about local small producers in Skaistkalne and Kurmene, boaters who docked on the river bank – could receive information about the products to be purchased.

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Contact Information

Kurmene-Skaistkalne community,

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