Šentviška Gora Plateau

The Šentviška Gora Plateau comprises a group of small villages in the hilly part of western Slovenia. Its residents (approximately 600) mainly engage in agriculture, especially livestock and crop farming.
Over 40 km of beautifully landscaped trails are available to hikers, runners, and cyclists, with all major intersections properly marked. Hikers can climb up Črv Peak (974 m), the highest peak on the Plateau, or visit the Kostanjevec Gorge and its main section called Žlebi, where speleologists have the opportunity to explore natural karst caves. There is also a winter sports centre featuring a ski slope, a cross-country skiing area and two ski jumping hills. The people who live and work at the heart of the Plateau also create its everyday life. The products and services offered by the local providers reflect high quality, tradition, and harmony with the natural environment. Nevertheless, like other rural areas, the Plateau is facing the problems of ageing population and outmigration.




inner peripheries, remote, sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 657

Village Solutions

Renovation of the Dairy in Prapetno Brdo

The building is of common importance for intergenerational socializing, cultural events, sports and other leisure activities of the locals.


Community space

The new multi-purpose building constructed in 2020 is an important acquisition for the plateau and its residents. The building is intended to be used by the Šentviška Gora Primary School and all active societies and clubs on the plateau. The structure has two floors: the ground floor is intended to accommodate various local societies and provide a place for locals to socialize. The upper floor houses a gym, where various sports activities can be performed and diverse cultural events can be held


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