Located in the mountainous area of the Giurgiu Basin in Harghita county, Romania, Remetea is one of the largest villages in the region, with a population of 6 171 inhabitants. The total surface area of the village is 10 774 hectares.Remetea is a settlement of several hundred years of history, with strong traditions and eloquent cultural characteristics. One of the biggest assets of the village is the natural mineral water springs and supplies. We hope to revive the ‘bath culture’ of the region by opening a wellness and bath centre, while using resources efficiently.The traditional economy is based on agriculture, forestry and handicrafts. The community has entrepreneurial spirit, including service providers, a chocolate and sweets factory, and an office furniture enterprise. In this context, the priority is to identify and eliminate factors that limit the pursue of new business opportunities




inner peripheries, mountains

Degree of urbanization


population of 6394

Village Solutions

Expansion and modernization of the water and sewage system

The wastewater treatment plant, built in 2008, is modernized during the development of a modern sludge treatment system. The water and sewage network is 100% built in the village, to which the population of the village is not fully connected. Missing connections, about 130 will be replaced by this project. The 5 water pumps of the village will also be modernized. A complete set of laboratory equipment has been purchased to facilitate the analyses of the treatment plant and the water treatment station, thus making it possible to obtain the accreditation of the laboratory


Rehabilitation and equipping of the educational infrastructure of the Fráter György General School in Remetea, Harghita county

The general objective of the project is to improve the quality of the educational infrastructure in Remetea village, by ensuring all the necessary conditions for the development of teaching activities within the educational units. Specific objectives of the project: 1. Rehabilitation of the educational infrastructure of 2 educational units assigned to the Fráter György School from Remetea commune; 2. Ensuring the optimal conditions for participation in compulsory education for 521 students (children attending two educational units included in the project); Improving the educational process of 2 educational units assigned to the Fráter György Secondary School, by endowing and integrating modern pedagogical resources and IT equipment in the teaching-learning process: Bodies A, B and H.


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