In 1970 Ovenhausen became part of the district town Höxter in the eastern part of Northrine Westfalia. Since the community participated in innovative digital projects like "Smart Country Side", "Digital competences for citizens in rural areas" , "Dorf.Zukunft.Digital" and "Dorf.Gesundheit.Digital" Ovenhausen became a digital village and known as a lighthouse example for future oriented village development. About 800 participants are using regularly digital applications for communication in the village and in other neighbouring villages. Ovenhausen was awarded for being "integrative commune" and the village is recognized for its networking and cooperation.




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 1050

Village Solutions

Digital village platform

Since 2018 almost all participants are using a digital village plattform. The editorial staff is a team of volunteers called "digital village experts". The staff is supporting the inhabitants in all questions concerning the use of digital tools related to the village plattform. A digital corner of learning in a common building is established.

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Contact Information

Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Maria Salome Ovenhausen, h-w.gorzolka@gmx.de

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