The area has five communities, two of them have about 1200 inhabitants each and the others vary from only few permanent inhabitants to about 300. The smallest communities are the islands with quite many summer houses. The area goes along the river (or stream) Nätraån from the inland village of Sidensjö out to the island of Ulvön and has a very clear connection to the UNESCO world heritage of Höga Kusten (The High Coast). The area offers rich opportunities to culture, nature and outdoor life.




coasts, islands, sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 4000

Village Solutions

Umigo – a framework for collaborative platforms

A digital platform that enables residents to share resources with each other. A collaboration with researchers in information technology at Umeå University. The goal is to reduce the climate impact through reduced consumption and increased resource sharing in the local community. We also want to strengthen entrepreneurs and associations by enabling them to reach out with their products and premises in a simple and flexible way. By making it easier for small producers to reach out with their local products, we can strengthen their brand and enable them to make a living from their craft.

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Contact Information

Bygdsam Nätradalen, kontakt@bygdsamnatradalen.se

Project manager Holmgren Sofie, sofie@bygdsamnatradalen.se