Mengíbar is located on a soft conical promontory whose element most recognizable is the medieval keep who presides over it and from which spot nearby towns like Jabalquinto, Bailen and Linares. Around Mengíbar you can see an extensive horizon of olive groves and crops typical of the area, irrigated by the Guadalquivir river. Mengíbar is a settlement located quite close to other relatively large cities in the province (barely 20 km away from Jaén), being both, an advantage and a drawback. A lower economic cost of housing and a better quality of life in general attract people residing in Jaén, generating dormitory cities, and little participatory activity in daily local life, eliminating the feeling of belonging to Mengíbar, and the perpetuation of its culture and traditions. In addition, the activity of local and proximity commerce decreases in favor of large stores in urban areas, which have a greater variety of products and more competitive prices. Mengíbar has a young population and the local administrations are implementing local actions and policies so that these "new inhabitants" become involved in the social life of the town and feel identified with the local population. The municipality has a technology park where it is intended to promote the creation of technology based companies mainly, although it is open to all types of companies, regardless of their sector.

Learning community in Renewable Energy

Mengíbar is working on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda with a special interest in energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energies. Small steps have been taken from the village and a few initiatives worth to mention are the replacement of lighting elements, improvement of air conditioning facilities, and also administrative instruments to promote the implementation of renewable energies. Currently, there is a strong collaboration with a private company that is promoting an important circular economy project that will be based in the village. Generation of biomethane and compost using two by-products: waste from the paper industry and olive press cake, from the olive sector.




inner peripheries

Degree of urbanization

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population of 9697

This village has no publishable strategy.

Village Solutions

Geolit, Science & Technology Park

Due to its proximity with the city of Jaén, a science & technology park was established in the municipaly in 2004. Geolit is a high-quality business environment that provides companies, and user entities, with a series of value-added services which will hardly be found in other business environments in the province. It emphasizes transversal and internationalization services and those supporting innovation. Prefered sectors are: Agri-food and agro-industrial (especially olive sector) - Sustainability and renewable energy - Consulting and ICT developments

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Menigbar City Council,

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