Lantula Village

Lantula Village with around 250 inhabitants is situated 50 kilometres southwest of Tampere. In fact, it comprises several villages. An interesting fact is that the village Association has more members (399) than the village has inhabitants. The age pyramid is quite balanced between the different age groups. Most of the inhabitants go to work either in Tampere or Vammala. A big number of cattle stock farms have disappeared. The village has a community house providing various services to people of different age. There is a good spirit, caretaking mentality and everybody is listened to. When covid19 struck the village, support services were immediately put in place. The ideas are implemented. The village has managed to keep the village active, alive and welcoming to new villagers. The village has implemented Leader-projects from circular economy to welcoming immigrants. Ecological thinking has been part of the development projects. Young people are employed by the village during summer. In 2021, five young people from the village were employed. We need the add fundraising activities, capacity building, nature/skiingtrail, cultural activities, events, a village quarterly newssheet and a big voluntary effort (6000hrs /year) by the whole community. A new village plan is under preparation in 2022. Lantula was chosen in 2021 as Village of the year in 2021 i Finland.




remote, sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 200

Village Solutions

Summer Kiosk

A summer Kiosk with wheels was built in 2016. In addition to the EU-funding a lot of voluntary effort was put in the project. It is possible still to move the Kiosk according to needs (eg. events), but it has found its place now in the village and a small summer terrace is attached to the Kiosk. It has increased social activity and given summer jobs from 4-6 local young people.

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Pohjantalo Community House

A Community house was built enabling later activities to all age groups in the village. Most of the activities are built around the House and its premisses. Geothermal heating system was selected and an outdoor sauna was built considering free access for disabled persons.

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Lantula Ecovillage

In the project, Lantula village mapped suitable green energy solutions to the village house and inhabitants. This was done through expert lessons, study visits and direct support to the locals. An overall plan on waste collecting, sorting and recycling was done. A recycling point with waste containers was set-up at the community house. This project was followed by another small one adding biowaste recycling container to the yard. A playground for children was built at the same time.

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