Kurtovo Konare

Kurtovo Konare is a relatively large and lively Bulgarian village. It is located between two rivers in a very fertile part of southern Bulgaria, 20 km from the second largest city of Plovdiv and 10 km from the Rhodope Mountains. It is located in Stamboliyski municipality - one of the most densely populated municipalities in Bulgaria. The village has a well-developed social infrastructure: City Hall, Chitalishte, school, kindergarten, health service, post office, church, stadium. In the land of the village is a former royal palace. The whole mansion is located on an area of 2 thousand acres, over 1400 of them are riparian forest, about 300 acres are a decorative park with unique and rare species of vegetation. From the middle of 2020 the palace and the park to it were open for visits by tourists. Kurtovo Konare is famous for its agriculture and its contribution to the economic history of Bulgaria. The first early tomatoes in the country, the first peanuts were grown here, the first Bulgarian red pepper factory was opened. There are varieties of apple, peach and pepper, which bear the name of the village, but are almost extinct. In the last 10 years, several local varieties - pink tomato, bean, apple "Kurtovka" and pepper "Kurtovska Kapiya" have been listed in the World Ark of Taste of the Slow Food organization. We are also one of the six Bulgarian Slow Food Presidia. Since 2009, the annual three-day festival 'Kurtovo Konare Fest / Festival of peppers, tomatoes, traditional foods and crafts' is held, which is already known throughout the country, but also attracts guests from abroad. The village is known as the "Mecca" of lyutenitsa - a popular mash of peppers and tomatoes in Bulgaria.




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Kurtovo Konare Fest – Festival of peppers, tomatoes, traditional foods and crafts

The project brings together various local institutions, organisations and structures. Kurtovo Konare Fest is the event that represented Bulgaria in the European competition EURIC in 2019. The project leads to improving the quality of life, increasing employment, increasing community self-esteem, promoting volunteering, increasing the cultural capital of the place, developing local livelihoods and entrepreneurship, stimulating initiative and innovation of local people, stimulating local business. Large-scale events can also help increase investment in local production.

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Chitalishte “L. Karavelov -1897 ”- 1897″, chitalishte_k@abv.bg

Manager Shusharova Emiliya, chitalishte_k@abv.bg