Neighbourhood Dishoek is located within Koudekerke district in the municipality of Veere and has an area of 34 hectares. Its inhabitants are a small, close-knit community. In 2017, around 100 people from the community met to explore the possibilities of making their neighbourhood more sustainable. As a result of that evening, a cooperative was established: "Coöperatie Energieneutraal Koudekerke-Dishoek" (EKD). The cooperative benefits inhabitants and is driven by inhabitants. The EKD is focused on making sustainable ideas concrete and encouraging people in Dishoek to participate in realising the innovations.





Degree of urbanization


population of 150

Village Solutions

Solar Park Dishoek

Together with the energy cooperative Zeeuwind, EKD realised a solar park in Dishoek. The park is built on an old rubbish dumpsite, a location that was not allowed for other purposes. The solar park will sustainably generate the energy needed for all households and businesses in Dishoek. Initially, the power generated will go to the grid. In the longer term, the intention is to store the energy locally, making Dishoek completely self-supporting. In addition, inhabitants themselves can share in the profits by becoming co-owners of the solar park. They are estimated to receive a 4-5 per cent return on their investment.

Contact Information

Coöperatie Energieneutraal Koudekerke-Dishoek,

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