Košeca is a village and municipality in Ilava District in the Trenčín Region of north-western Slovakia.
The village is one of the oldest settlements in Trenčianske Považie, with the first written mention dating
back to 1272. The village lies on the main railway line between Bratislava and Kosice, well connected
by road and rail, and in close proximity to the district seat [town] Ilava. It is also an "entrance gate" to
Strazovske mountains. The village has a long tradition of organising a wide variety of festivals, special
events and activities in collaboration with local clubs and associations.
The municipality of Košeca became the winner of the European award;THE INNOVATION IN POLITICS
AWARDS 2020; with its project „NO DATA WASTE IN KOŠECA“ under the category of DIGITALISATION.





Degree of urbanization


population of 2707

Village Solutions

Smart waste management

A smart data collection system encourages waste separation and incentivises recycling by reducing
waste-collection fees. Stickers with unique QR codes are used for recycling bags, whereas waste bins
are fitted with electronic chips, which are scanned by smart watch during waste collection. In this way,
the municipal office keeps track of the amount of waste produced by every household and business,
and the level of recycling. The more household/ businesses separate, the lower their waste-collection
fees. The system was introduced in 2019 and since then the level of general waste collected decreased
by more than 20%(2021 data).

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Contact Information

Obecný úrad Košeca, starosta@koseca.sk

Mayor Brtáň Radomír, starosta@koseca.sk