The village Kirchanschöring is located in southeast of Bavaria. Since decades their main focus is sustainability and social equity. This is underlined by the fact that the balance sheet of Kirchanschöring is oriented on economy for the common good.




inner peripheries

Degree of urbanization


population of 3430

Village Solutions

Future oriented (re-) building and living

In the framework of a very large participation process a living strategy for conserving land area and sustainability was developed.

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Meeting house

The meeting house was build for older people with an ambulatory care in the living community. Older people from the village could get old in familiar environment.

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Regionalwerk Chiemgau-Rupertiwinkel – gKU

Initiated by the village Kirchanschöring 30 villages found together to implement the topic sustainable energy. Energy and heat are equivalent fields of action.

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Contact Information

Hans-Jörg Birner,

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