The smart village "Jaunmuiza" consists of two parishes. The village has an elementary school and an amateur theater. Various activities are regularly organized in the village. The Smart Village projects are managed by the Jaunlutriņi Development Association (currently the association has 26 members). The association has implemented several projects by attracting funding from various sources. 




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 1136

This village has no publishable strategy.

Village Solutions

New dress for former school building of Jaunlutrini

In 2019 were organised 22 meetings (total 196 people.) As a result of voluntary work, the former school's building facade was restored. Currently, the Jaunmuiža smart village operates in the building, which implements various activities.

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Contact Information

Jaunlutrini development asocciation, ilzeklava13@gmail.com

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