The village of Hrušov is located in the south of Banska Bystrica region, in the western part of the Veľký Krtíš district, surrounded by the Krupina Plain. The first written records mentioning the village date back to the end of the 13th century. The village has been characterized by dual type of settlement consisting of a core village and dispersed farms. The core village lay out and architectural character changed significantly after large fires at the beginning of the 19th century destroyed nearly all houses. Individual farms scattered throughout the cadaster lost their prime function after establishment of agricultural cooperative and collectivisation of farming in 1979. Despite the changes Hrušov retains its unique character underlined by strong cultural heritage and folklore legacy. The village strives to preserve its traditions and among the important activities in the village calendar, is the annual festival Hontianska paráda (since 1996).




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Innovative elderly care

Innovative elderly care is a 24/7 service aimed at older citizens with long-term care needs. The service is focusing on monitoring basic parameters like blood pressure, heart rate and motion via smart watch and or a wristband. In addition, the watch is equipped with a fall sensor. The watch provides two way communication channel between the user and the monitoring centre and is equipped with a SOS button. Additional SOS buttons and a static communication equipment are installed in client homes. As an added safety and security measure the service monitoring centre holds two local (village) contact numbers for each user (in case of Hrušov community day care centre coordinator is one of the contacts alongside a relative) so that in case of emergency e.g., trigger of a fall sensor or inability to make contact with client, these can be contacted. In Hrušov the project is linked to community day care centre and service is provided for its clients. Users pay EUR 3 per month, however in case of adverse financial situation the service is offered for free. The activity is part of a wider pilot project initiated by Banska Bystrica regional government focused on creating a functional model of community-based social service centers for elderly.

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Municipal Office Hrusov: Obec Hrušov Obecný úrad,

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