Hilvarenbeek is a rural municipality with about 15.500 inhabitants, located in the south of Central Brabant, at about 10 km southeast of Tilburg on the Belgian border. The village with surrounds covers an area of about 97 km2. On and around the erritory of Hilvarenbeek several vulnerable estates and nature reserves are situated, which also determine the character of the landscape and at the same time are of great importance for the touristic and recreational attraction of the area. Preserving these vulnerable areas is one of the major challenges facing the community.





Degree of urbanization


population of 15514

Village Solutions

Sustainizability Model

The Brundtlandt report defines three domains: Triple P - People, Planet, Profit. For the sake of an even more focused analysis of the problems and to broaden the basis of the support, two domains are added: social and physical. This complementary specification is helpful in the analysis and elaboration of initiatives and structures for the support of the development advisors.

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C.I.M.B.Y. stands for "certainly in my backyard" and aims to identify a problem and exploring solutions that engage people and contribute to sustainability (derived from Brundtland: People, Planet, Profit, and linked to the social and physical domains. Solutions are selected through positioning, opinions, confrontation and eventual integrated approach (contrary to silos).


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Tussenheid Hilvarenbeek, info@pontifax.nl

Senior Consultant van Meel Wiet, info@pontifax.nl