Häradsbäck is a small village not so far from the municipality centre of Älmhult. It has a several decades long history of strategic development. The aim is to be more attractive, more recilient, offering better access to services, creating jobs and fostering a spirit of togetherness. Through the village association a joint limited company has been formed. The shareholders are 10 different associations (sports, farmers, culture etc). Many projects have been implemented, owned and managed by the company. Today there exist a grocery store, a café, a library and housing for elderly, all run by the village company. There is also an "all-service company", an activity park and an activity hall with a bar, boule, biljard, shuffleboard etc.

Lighthouse in Renewable Energy

The aim of Häradsbäck is to become as self sufficient and resilient as possible with regard to electricity supply to vital services, especially preparing for block-outs due to weather conditions or other crisis situations. In order to reach its goal the village is planning to build a solar voltaic park
for energy production and storage (in hydrogen). With this action Häradsbäck aims to increase its crisis preparedness to be able to supply vital services (e.g keeping the fridges in the shop running, being able to supply food in the restaurant, heating the elderly home and keeping the pump
station for drinking water) running at least for 14 days in case of electricity shortage. The main technological innovation of the planned solar park will be the conversion of electricity in hydrogen gas at a village level to manage local storage of energy.


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population of 155

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Village Solutions

Local production of energy saves rural areas

The aim of this newly started, and yet not fully financed, project is to create a resilient countryside, a contribution to climate change mitigation and new opportunities for the local economy, all of which will bring benefits to society. The aim is to create and test a model for rural areas to complement the regular emergency response with an energy solution that contributes to the transition towards a fossil-free society. The project also aims to support the development of increased sustainable mobility through the possibility for vehicles to refuel with green hydrogen. In times of crisis, this energy solution will contribute to the sustainability and recilience of rural areas.

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Mötesplats Häradsbäck, mette.adolfsson@haradsback.se

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