Edenderry is an historic market town that lies within the functional area of Offaly County Council approximately 31km to the east of Tullamore. With a population of 7,480 1 Edenderry is placed as the second largest town in County Offaly in terms of population. The town is situated close to the source of the River Boyne which runs to the west and northwest of the town and forms the county boundary between Offaly and Kildare. The Grand Canal runs in an east to west direction south of the town and a harbour branches from this in a northeasterly direction right into the centre of town. The more recent history is strongly associated with peat extraction in the nearby Bog of Allen. The layout of the town dates principally from the turn of the 19th Century, the historic Main Street, known as JKL Street, and Market Square provide a central spine from which the remainder of the town emanates. In the suburban areas
of the town there exists a number of large-scale housing estates which were constructed at various stages from the nineteen sixties to the nineteen eighties. From 1996 to 2016 Edenderry has experienced a population growth of 95%. These levels of population growth have resulted in pressures on services and employment opportunities in Edenderry. The Strategic Vision for this town is that Edenderry will be a vibrant, successful and sustainable town reinforced by strong local identity and civic pride. The Mission to achieving this vision is built around the principle of the sustainable development of the town and encouraging development to take place in a consolidated and coherent manner.




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population of 7480

Village Solutions

Water Flow/Level Recording

‘e-denderry’ is an IoT – Internet of Things | LoRaWAN Connectivity | Smart Town Technology project between Offaly County Council and Cellnex . It has been successful in translating opportunities of IoT for rural town management into tangible and practical case studies demonstrating benefits, costs savings and opportunities for service improvements using embedded device connection functionality in relevant IoT sensor sets.

Learnings from e-denderry will be used to build a Programme Logic Controller and integrate this into a custom Printed Circuit Board with input connectivity from a range of IoT sensors to measure parameters where possible in the two topics below, There will be output transmission to the LoRa network to remit the information to a collection and collation format (either OPW who already collate some level information by a remote unit but utilising GPS/GPRS for transmission), or SmartBrain) probably via an Application Programming Interface. In this case the identified opportunity is to work with Meath County Council, the Local Authorities Water Programmes Office, the OPW and the EPA with a view to use of the services for the project title in two areas in watercourse management relating to:

*Flow / levels (flood management) and water quality for environmental safety.

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