Cherni Osam

The village Cherni Osam is surrounded by hills and mountains. On the northern side of the village, the main road ends and there are only small paths leading to the different hills, peaks and huts. Not so far away you can also find also the “Central Balkan” National Park. In the village there is a restaurant, some shops and the Natural Science Museum. Apart from that the houses and gardens of the 1050 inhabitants form the little village adapted to the flow of the river. In the south you can follow the road to the next villages, which Cherni Osam is for now highly dependend on concerning healthcare, shops and other public institutions. The plan is to have more autonomy and improve the public services through the smart transformation.





Degree of urbanization


population of 1050

Village Solutions

High-speed connectivity

Cherni Osam was able to establish a high-speed connectivity for all the citizens in the village. In the center and at the Natural Science Museum citizens and tourists have access to the WiFi for free. Through the new connectivity, among others, the local institutions such as the Natural Science Museum are able to spread the word about their work and publish advertisement to attract tourists.

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