Baix Solsonès

Territori de Masies (Lower Solsonès region) is a rural cooperative formed by residents, associations and companies from the villages of the lower Solsonès that is interested and works to promote, vindicate and protect the ways of doing things, the landscapes, and the life in the villages of the lower Solsončs. It is a mixed, agricultural, service and consumer cooperative.
Several projects are carried out:
- collective purchase of solar panels to boost self-production of energy
- Cultural tourist route to encourage the discovery of the territory
- Online store for the sale of local products
- Fairs, meetings and events to publicize the territory




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 1228

Village Solutions

Move around

A set of six itineraries that have in common that each of them comes together in the location of the farmhouse or activity of a member of the cooperative Territori de Masies. There are several vectors to follow: Food, Hospitality, Culture and Landscape, and the main objective is to put values first, and add value to heritage and initiatives of Territori de Masies by linking proposals and encouraging the movement of people around. At the same time it offers visitors a sustainable and conscious look.

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Sun Coop

The consumption section of Territori de Masies Coop promotes the self-production of energy, in the path of energy transition, and through a collective purchase of solar panels that is called: Coop de Sol- Territori de Masies.
The proposed formula is the model of “turnkey project”.
All interested ones, whether individuals or legal entities, from the Solsonès and surroundings, are invited to participate, take part and empower themselves to participate in the energy transition of the small rural territories of Catalonia.


Territory tasting

From the cooperative, and this online store, the will is to facilitate access to the product of the territory and committed to our peoples, our culture and our environment, while creating alternatives that arise from cooperation, solidarity and the commitment to our country.

Fresh products can be purchased and they are collected and distributed in the towns of the region and surroundings as well as handicrafts, publications and non-fresh products, which are sent abroad to any point in Catalonia.

The store is always open and there are weekly shopping cycles.

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Contact Information

Territori de Masies,

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