Baia dei Gelsomini

The village is a touristic community of about 130 houses made mostly of holiday houses with a few residents and some agricultural activity. It is situated in a region that is one of the most vulnerable to energy poverty in Italy. The relationships with the neighboring villages are good and the stakeholders are well coordinated by a young administrator, providing a collaborative environment. Every August, there is a general meeting with community members to discuss the projects' economy and other topics relevant to the residents and people owning holiday houses. In the past, the village experienced hydrological difficulties in the area and is now thinking about ways to preserve water and reuse the wastewater. The village is currently designing the energy community under the RECAH program. A feasibility study is ongoing for a photovoltaic system and will be finished in August 2023. The project will, hopefully be accepted and start by 2024. The village's geographical position and weather conditions have led to a primary focus on generating electricity from solar power.

Renewable Energy Cluster Member

The village is currently in the process of setting up a renewable energy community. Right now, a feasibility study is ongoing as a part of the REACH project and it is looking into photovoltaic production. In 2024 the first phase of implementation will include implementing 50 - 100 kW of photovoltaic while the rest will be added later. Full capacity is expected to be 200 kW. Solar power is chosen due to the better conditions for it in comparison to wind power. As it is located in the south of Italy the potential for implementing photovoltaic is very high and will be able to produce a lot of electricity.





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population of 400

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Village Solutions

Local community planning in tourism

This area has a favorable climate for a long tourism year and wanted to use that asset to attract tourists outside of the main season, specifically older and disabled people. To do so local community is having plans to build a swimming pool with seawater and building a spa treatment center. Swimming pools might be more favorable to the target group in comparison to the beaches and it could serve both as leisure and healing center

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Reusing wastewater

The location of the village makes it vulnerable to water loss. Therefore, the community thought of recovering wastewater and reusing it. The water could be reused in the local farms with big olive oil and vine production. Since the village is mainly built of holiday homes, the highest use of water is during the summer month when the farms need the most water too. This perfectly aligns production and consumption

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Renewable energy community

The village plans on starting a renewable energy community under the REACH program. The feasibility study is conducted and the project will start by 2024. The plan is to implement 200kW of solar panels. The financial challenge of installing all 200kW at the same time is solved by starting with 50-100kW next year and expanding in the year after. They are still looking at possible financing scenarios (self-investing, national funding, and mother external resources). This pilot project will bring energy security to local inhabitants and be an example to other communities in this vulnerable region

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