Babina Greda

Babina Greda is located in Vukovar-Srijem County in Croatia and has a population of 3 585. The municipality of Babina Greda has an excellent geo-traffic position, it is connected to the system of European road routes, and there is a plan for the multi-purpose canal “Danube-Sava” to run through the municipality. Babina Greda is rich in authentic Slavonian villages, customs and culture. The local community is very active, organising numerous events, exhibitions and associations to promote social, cultural, entertaining, artistic, sports and other activities that contribute to enriching the touristic offer and social life. In addition, agricultural holders, business owners and other actors contribute to the economic development of Babina Greda. Areas that need support include: broadband connectivity; employers’ encouragement of teleworking; awareness of the potential benefits of a rural-urban partnership; attracting foreign investment and developing market value-added products.




borders, remote

Degree of urbanization


population of 3572

Village Solutions

The construction of an energy-efficient new administrative building

The new administrative building, the size of about 280 square meters, was built in 2018 in the centre of Babina Greda.

Economy | Environment

Soil fertility control project

Soil fertility control in the area of the Municipality of Babina Greda has given insight into the state of agricultural land on the basis of soil analysis. On the basis of the available nutrients in the soil, soil fertility, mineral and fertilisation recommendations have been examined to meet the needs of plants and land in the agricultural production process and to comply with legal regulations.


The road connectivity of the Industrial Zone Tečine

The construction of roads to the Industrial Zone Tečine and the construction of a biomass fuel power plant (the largest greenfield investment in Vukovar-Srijem County) allowed easier and faster transport connections with the Municipality's centre

Mobility & connectivity

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