Astypalaia, is a Greek island with 1,334 inhabitants (2011 census). It is part of the Dodecanese, an archipelago of twelve larger islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea. The island is 18 kilometers (11 miles) long, a maximum of 13 kilometers (8 miles) wide, and covers an area of 97 km2. Together with numerous smaller uninhabited offshore islands (the largest of which are Sýrna and Ofidoussa), it forms the municipality of Astypalaia, which belongs to the regional unit of Kalymnos. The municipality has an area of 114.077 km2. The capital and the former main port of the island is Astypalaia or Chora, as it is called by the locals. The coasts of Astypalaia are rocky with many small pebble-strewn beaches. A narrow strip of land about 126 meters wide almost divides the island into two parts at Stenó.

A new port has been built at Agios Andreas in the center of the island, from which there are now connections to the west and east with the Athenian port of Piraeus and the other islands of the Dodecanese. Air connections with Athens are available from the airport near Maltezana.
Villages : Astypalea or Chora (1.036 inhabitants), Analipsi or Maltezana (149), Livadi (39), Vathi (14)
Islands : Agía Kyriakí, Astypálaia, Avgó, Glynó, Zaforás, Kounoúpoi, Koutsomýti, Mesonísi, Ofidoússa, Plakída, Pontikoúsa, Stefánia, Sýrna, Fokionísia, Khondró, Khondronísi (all uninhabited except Astypálaia itself)




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population of 1334

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Astypalea “Smart and Sustainable Island”

The objectives of the project include replacing the existing vehicle fleet on the island with e-vehicles, introducing innovative on-demand mobility services and promoting the use of renewable energy sources. In addition, the Hellenic Republic will ensure quality road infrastructure, excellent signage and sufficient data on traffic and weather conditions to ensure safe, clean and inclusive modes of transport. This will eventually lead to testing autonomous driving.

Α pioneering project centered around four pillars:

Vehicle electrification
Smart mobility
Charging and energy from Renewable Energy Sources
Autonomous driving as a future option

Environment | Mobility & connectivity

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