Alsómocsolád is a village of 320 inhabitants, located in the Northern part of Baranya County, in the south of Hungary, the gateway of the Baranya Ridge, one of the pearls of our closer environment thanks to its outstanding natural values.
The municipality has all public utilities, modern telecommunications, and IT connections. The village has primary health care, day and residential care for the elderly, a tourist complex and a number of community scenes.
We in Mocsolád are proud of our past; we are endeavouring to build our future on our talents and values, while honouring our traditions.

We do it together. We have developed a new type of local government model with the involvement of all the actors of the municipality – citizens, economic organisations, NGOs – which focuses on the institutionalisation of strategic management and a jointly defined vision.

Our vision is: “Alsómocsolád is a 21st century, liveable, friendly, innovative village, preserving and renewing its values, growing from the local economy and increasing its population.”

Our mission: “To create a liveable settlement, protected, valued, and loved by its citizens, which retains its population and attracts its former inhabitants back. It responds to the challenges of our times. It seeks and finds its breakthrough points. It develops on a human scale. It is constantly renewing itself. It makes itself open, interesting, and attractive to the world. It seeks out opportunities that can serve local, regional, and wider needs in an economically viable way.”

The planned vision is embodied in the economic programmes, cycle programmes, sub-strategies, and development plans approved by the Body of Representatives and its realisation is continuous through the application of the instrument system developed, as a result of which, during the past 32 years, Alsómocsolád has become a municipality with a developed infrastructure and active citizens, open to the challenges of the times. The following directions institutionalised during our work:
≠ strategic management,

≠ local economic development,
≠ social development,
≠ the role of a regional development engine, and
≠ network organisation/network development

Lighthouse in Renewable Energy

Since 1 January 2021, our municipality has employed an Environment and Climate referent, thus committing itself to renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate protection. In 2021, we started working on the creation of an Energy Community. As a first step, we assessed the energy performance of about 90% of the occupied properties. We carried out a solar potential study for 35 properties, which showed which properties were unsuitable for solar panels due to their location and coverage, which ones were not suitable due to their condition, which ones could cover their own use from their own production and which ones could be used for the production of surplus energy, including community energy. In September 2022, the SECAP of the municipality was completed. On this basis, we were able to submit - as the leader of a consortium of 10 municipalities in Baranya County - the EUCF application, which was successful, so we have the opportunity to prepare an Investment Concept forthe technical, financial and legal feasibility study of energy investments and renewable energy developments by February 2023. It is therefore suitable as a basis for future investments. As a pilot project venue, we participate in the implementation of the SHAREs project (Horizon2020). We have applied and been successful in the call of RECAH - Rural Energy Communities Advisory Network. We are also participating as pilot sites in INTERREG and LIFE+ projects.




sparsely populated areas

Degree of urbanization


population of 320

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Village Solutions

Virtual Alsómocsolád

The village of Alsómocsolád, its streets, buildings, public spaces will be made accessible on foot, by car, by bicycle or on horseback and experienced through virtual space. Through the provision of an individual client, a personal avatar is created who can officially become a virtual citizen, gaining the licence not only to manage affairs but also to build the municipality further.
Community spaces of the virtual village - Village Hall, Autumn Light Home for the Elderly, Guest House, Conference Centre, Interactive Museum, Oven Yard, Planetarium, Boeing simulator - can be visited and the original functions can be accessed.

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Smart Municipal Mirror

What does it mean to be a smart village? How can we define and measure it? Why is it good to know where we are in the process of becoming smart?
We think it’s important to know what we mean by this concept, where we are now, where we want to go. Neither to compare ourselves with others, nor to compete with others, but to improve.
That’s why we’ve developed a (subjective) indicator to evaluate the projects we’ve carried out, so that we can incorporate our experience into our strategic planning. We’ve prepared a methodological guide to make it adaptable.


Eat our own Bread” Economic Development Programme

The "Eat our own Bread" Economic Development Programme aims to recreate traditional village assets, preserve existing assets and make economic use of the resources created, in order to create a liveable, sustainable and desirable living environment for the people of Alsómocsolád, to take advantage again of the farming opportunities provided by the environment - existing small gardens, farm buildings and assets, forests, fields, plough-land -, the use of community money rigac=R, the potential of the services in the settlement, and to integrate them into their daily lives in a sustainable way, raising them to a conscious level.

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