Smart Villages support in Lithuania

How is the concept of Smart Villages defined?

A Smart Village is a socio-economic system in which the local population adopts and implements digital and other technologies in their daily activities. The aim is to increase the attractiveness and quality of life in rural areas, building on local strengths and opportunities and ensuring the widest possible involvement and cooperation of the rural population. Innovative, systemic, change-oriented solutions are based on a common understanding of needs and a sequence of actions aimed at a clear specific local goal.

Source of information: Smart Villages implementation guidelines; Research report on the implementation of the concept of Smart Villages in Lithuania

Is digital a key feature of Smart Villages?

Digital innovation is one of the key features to program and a priority for projects.

Is social innovation a key feature of Smart Villages?

Social innovation is one of the key priorities for projects.

How is the CAP supporting Smart Villages?

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania


Kristina Indriošienė, Adviser of Group of Coordination of EU Affairs


CAP 2014-2022

Indirectly, no specific Smart Villages intervention.


CAP 2023-2027

Yes, specific interventions are planned.

  • Specific intervention implemented by LAGs

The measure is constructed as a stand-alone tool (not integrated into LEADER strategies). However, it is planned to implement it with the help of LEADER Local Action Groups (LAGs) and the LEADER principles. Smart grid projects are tendered at national level.

In the Smart Villages Measure, the LAG will participate as an initiator, developer and activator of the umbrella Smart Village plan.

The selection of eligible projects for a smart rural plan focuses on their target integrity and logic. The set of elements in a planned smart rural project must be clearly linked to the overall context and purpose, and its added value must be measured by clear indicators.

National Rural Network (The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania)


Ieva Mizejė, NSU coordinator


CAP Network support

Yes, specific Smart Villages network activities.

  • ·Organisation of workshops;
  • ·Support to the Network of Local Action Groups (NLAG) to implement projects that increase the importance of the ‘Smart Villages’ concept;
  • ·Support to the NLAG to develop a Smart Village Plan.

How are other policies supporting Smart Villages?

No other policy support for Smart Villages is identified.

Smart Rural 27 – Smart Villages Taskforce

No taskforce is set up yet

Smart Villages in Lithuania

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Last update: November 26, 2022