Smart Villages support in Finland

How is the concept of Smart Villages defined?

No formal definition of Smart Villages in Finland.

Is digital a key feature of Smart Villages?

The aim is to be able to respond in a fast and flexible manner to the needs expressed by local communities in social, environmental and economic development, mainly using digitalisation as a tool.

Is social innovation a key feature of Smart Villages?

Social innovation is not explicitly mentioned as a key feature of Smart Villages, but social activities are at the heart of the Smart Villages concept and active and innovative villages.

How is the CAP supporting Smart Villages?

Marianne Selkäinaho (Senior Officer)
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CAP 2014-2020

Yes, specific Smart Villages interventions


Villages have since the beginning of LEADER been part of LAG strategies in Finland. The Finnish Rural Development Programme has encouraged Smart Villages development.

Many projects on animation, village strategies and capacity building.

Innovation support

Basic services and village renewal in rural areas

Demonstration and information activities

CAP 2021-2027

Yes, specific SV interventions planned. The CAP Strategic Plan 2021-2027 has now an own chapter on smart villages.

LEADER/CLLD & other cooperation

Smart villages will continued to be supported by LEADER.

Innovation including digitization, Networking support

CAP Network support

Smart Villages support provided by the NRN/ CAP Network


Smart Villages Thematic Group

The network support unit was part of a thematic working group on Smart Villages. It organised Smart Villages events and competition, Good examples were collected and disseminated and several regional discussion cafés organised. A smart rural website was updated by the thematic group. A Smart Villages Facebook group is set up.

How are other policies supporting Smart Villages?

Only to some extent/ indirectly

Smart Rural 27 – Smart Villages Taskforce

Smart Villages in Finland

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